01 May 2022 By Heather Vargas

5 Mistakes to Avoid in Selling your House

So, you’ve finally decided to sell your house. However, selling your house might not be as easy as you think it would be. The market might be big, but not everyone wants to buy your house, especially since different people have preferences for purchasing one.

Most house sellers tend to make mistakes that cost them their time, money, and effort. In order to be efficient in selling your house, it’s better to avoid these mistakes. Knowing these mistakes will ensure you will not sabotage your chances of selling your house. 


Being Too Sentimental

Leaving your house and selling it can be quite hard, especially since you have an emotional attachment to the property. This is harder if you are selling your first house. You invested a lot of time and effort, created memories, and lived in it for a long time. Being too emotional and sentimental can seriously affect the way you will sell your house. 

To avoid this hindrance, it’s best to think like an entrepreneur or salesperson. Think of the new house waiting for you to spend on and the money you will get if you successfully sell your house. If you think about it from a business perspective, then it is easier to distance yourself from the emotional aspect of selling your house. 

Furthermore, do not sell your house if you are not yet ready. Putting out your house for sale is exciting. However, when it finally hits you to sell your house, you might realize that you’re still not ready. Talk it over with your family and friends and discuss the pros and cons of selling your house. 


Underestimating the Costs of Selling a House

Putting up your house for sale does not stop at putting a “for sale” sign. You have to think of the agent’s commission, closing expenses, staging expenses, repair expenses, moving fees, and costs in getting your new home. 

It’s hard to sell your property alone yourself. Although agents take a fraction of your selling price, selling your house on your own is not a good idea, especially if it’s your first time. A good agent will look for a buyer and process some of the necessary things needed to be done to close a sale. It’s another way of relieving yourself from the stresses of selling a house. Thus, amid a pandemic, online home selling platforms like Sundae and several property websites can help you a lot to calculate the most profitable price for your house. 

Next, you should also think of the closing expenses. These expenses include fees for title transfer, sales tax, attorney’s fees, and a fee for those that finalize the closing transaction, like a lawyer or a title company.

Although you don’t need to stage your house to the nines, you still need to make it presentable. Have a cleaning service clean your house, arrange all that needs to be arranged, and make basic repairs. Furthermore, you should think of the moving expenses and the money you need to purchase your new home. 


Overly Staging Your House

As mentioned, you do not need to stage your house to the nines. The amount you will spend on getting a house stylist and renting some staging furniture should be best used for your new home. It’s enough that your house is clean. Your agent can explain the possible interior design of the house to the buyers. Many companies can help you sell your house, even if not staged, effortlessly. 

Pricing Too High

This mistake is most common to new house sellers. They do not know how much their houses are worth and misjudge the worth due to wishful thinking and emotions. Pricing the house too low can make you miss a few thousand dollars. However, selling it too high will make you miss a buyer. The best way to price your house is to compare it with houses sold in your area. 

The location, market value, house demand, and the home’s conditions are also factors you should consider in pricing your house. Don’t trust the internet and ask a real estate agent for the correct pricing of your home. Take note that the house that is correctly priced is the one that is easily sold.


Hiding Major Problems

In any type of relationship, even a buyer-seller one, trust is important. Thus, make sure that you disclose any problems with the house and repairs that need to be done. To deal with this issue, you can lessen the price, make repairs ahead of time, or offer the buyer credit to the housing problem. Not dealing with the problem will most likely reduce your chances of selling your house. 


Selling a house is not easy. First-time sellers tend to make mistakes that lessen their chances of selling their houses, like being too emotional, underestimating the costs of selling a house, overly staging, pricing too high, and hiding major problems. Avoid these mistakes, and your house will surely sell faster. 



By Heather Vargas
Freelance Writer

[email protected]


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