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Doing Property with Claire Norwood

by Claire Norwood on

When I ‘did up’ my first flat in 1999, I never imagined it would become an obsession. Every one of our homes has had a full makeover, and I came to realise that the simple act of staging can be more powerful (and certainly better value for money)...... Read full article

The Home Staging Awards Shortlisted Projects Have Been Announced!


With just a month until the 2019 Home Staging Awards, The Home Staging Association UK & Ireland have disclosed the shortlisted applicants. The awards will be hosted during the Home Staging Forum on the 16th November 2019 at the luxury Waldorf Hilton... Read full article

Home Staging Awards 2019 Judging Panel


After much anticipation, the final three judges of the Home Staging Awards 2019 have been announced. This comes with just a day left to nominate for an award at the event.... Read full article

Home Staging Awards 2019 Judging Committee Sneak Peek


With less than two months to go, The Home Staging Awards 2019 presents its first glimpse of the judging panel.... Read full article

Q&A with James Turner from Viberent

by James Turner on

James Turner is the CEO of Viberent, an inventory management platform for the furniture, styling & events industries. He talked to The Home Staging Association UK & Ireland on his “organic” route into the Home Styling industry and more. ... Read full article

Tips to Build Your Brand on Social Media

by Chris Harman - Parent on

This month — Social media, and our top tips to build your brand on ‘the Gram’ (and the others). There’ll no doubt be some obvious ones you know, but hopefully some gems you hadn’t discovered.... Read full article

4 Strategies to Improve Your Home Staging Skills & Win Clients Today


The Home Staging Association UK & Ireland are inviting you to join them and Cindy Lin this October. ‘4 Strategies to Improve Your Home Staging Skills & Win Clients’ will be held at the M Threadneedle Street in London on the 17th.... Read full article

What Lies Beneath Home Staging by Lemon & Lime Interiors

by Elaine Penhaul on

"You will learn that homestaging is not just about ‘fluffing cushions’ but about supporting your clients with one of the biggest events in their lives both practically and emotionally, it’s a big task to take on."... Read full article

Milc Isn’t Just For Coffee

by Milc on

Milc is an award-winning interior design studio that has been established for over 14 years now. It was founded in 2004 by two innovative interior designers and best friends – Polly Haley and Heidi Clark. ... Read full article

Achieving Success in a Home Staging and Styling Business ‘YOUR BUSINESS SUCCESS, YOUR WAY’

by Anita Richardson on

How I achieved my own business success and how you may achieve your preferred version of business success may be entirely different.  You might already be there, just where you want to be...... Read full article


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