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Education in Home Staging IS For You

There are a million reasons to take a course in home staging - even if you’re already in the business.


What makes a home stager good is knowing their weaknesses, sure, but what makes even a veteran stager great is fighting those weaknesses.


How better to do that than with a home staging course?


Chairwoman of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals, Jennie Norris, lays out a few excellent reasons to keep growing your industry knowledge on the IAHSP blog:


“I have been in this 17 years and I do NOT claim to know everything about running a business.


“Every stager has challenge areas and struggles. Secretly we are struggling just like others whether it is how to manage growth or deal with clients or logistics... some days I feel like I am barely hanging on.”


Running a business can be tough at any level - even right at the top - so there are reasons for stagers at any career point to invest in education. 


Whether you struggle with pricing, preparation for consultations and proposals, or even long term business growth - there are accredited courses which give you indispensable knowledge in all of these areas.


Brand New Home Stagers

“But what if I’m just starting out?” you ask.


Never fear! The HSA UK & Ireland has a comprehensive guide for home staging initiates. Expect the basics of home staging and a picture of what it’s like to own a home staging business.


The E-book is a beginner-level read, and as such is an advisable prerequisite for stagers deciding whether a course is right for them.


Hone Your Business Knowledge

At the end of the day if it’s a practical experience that counts to you, look no further than the online home staging business course offered by the HSA. The training team is one of the industry’s most experienced - the didactic staff graduated top of its class with the HSA’s Accreditation programme.


The team speaks for itself! Each of the HSA’s coaches has already hit it out of the park with their own businesses - now they want to show you how to do the same.


Their course is extensive. It covers the ins and outs of setting up, marketing and maintaining a successful home staging business.


What’s best? They’re up to date with industry trends!


Newer facets of the industry - like social media - play a larger role than ever in home staging in 2020. It goes without saying that Covid-19 has ensured virtual staging should be vital to your business.


Nonetheless, it’s a part of the industry where veteran stagers really struggle.


Klaudia Leszczyńska, Poland’s foremost home stager, told the HSA UK & Ireland how important educating herself on real estate and home staging was (during her maternity leave, what an inspiration!) to the huge achievements of her businesses.


Of course, social media plays a massive role in Klaudia’s success.


In her book on ‘Insta-Staging’, Klaudia explains the appeal of an Instagramable property. By designing an apartment to look ready for an Instagram photoshoot, she influences buyers’ imaginations.


“This all leads up to a huge wow factor,” Klaudia says, “customers pay more for these homes because there are not many available on the market.”


Klaudia knows how to stage a home, but what sets her apart from the competition is her knowledge of social media, hashtags, and their place in a successful marketing strategy.


This has never been more important. Revitalising and honing your staging business’ online presence is key to prospering in the upcoming online-only market.


Accreditation For Educators


Up to date curriculums, success-story tutors, and course graduates with bright futures. What more could you want?


Well, there’s an aspect to an accredited education that often flies under the radar.


I believe that one of the most important things education in home staging can give you is legitimacy. This I cannot stress enough.


UK buyers will be looking for businesses stamped with a recognisable seal of approval. 


That’s where, once again, The Home Staging Association comes in.


The HSA is developing accreditation programmes which provide exactly the credibility that successful UK staging businesses need.


For home staging professionals who want an edge, keep your eyes peeled for the HSA Accreditation.


If home staging professionals are seeking accreditation then for those who want to impart their insight the HSA Accredited Education Providers Programme is essential.


Both programmes come with the usage of the HSA Accredited designation and logo. These are powerful symbols that will draw in sellers who are weighing upstaging businesses.


Why Go HSA Accredited?

It goes without saying that in addition to legitimacy, stagers will benefit from the HSA’s invaluable experience and knowledge.


The HSA’s Accreditation scheme is maintained by experts in the field. Fundamental to the programmes’ creation are Paloma Harrington-Griffin, Founding Director of the HSA UK & Ireland, and Elaine Penhaul, Director of Lemon and Lime Interiors, and the newly appointed Senior Advisor for Coaching Professional Development.


Although Elaine is a new face on the HSA UK & Ireland committee, she’s the perfect fit. With over 30 years of experience advising senior leaders in a diverse range of sectors (from police forces to the Royal Yachting Association, Elaine’s full of surprises), HSA Accreditation students are in good hands.


That’s without mentioning the impressive story behind Elaine’s business, Lemon and Lime Interiors. 


Over the last 10 years, Elaine’s gambits as a property investor blossomed into a profound home staging interest. Like any savvy entrepreneur, Elaine converted her interest into a successful business.


Over the last eight years, Lemon and Lime Interiors has climbed the ladder and is now one of the largest home staging businesses in the UK. Elaine is the preferred staging partner for Fine and Country, and sees regular work with Knight Frank and Savills.


Suffice to say, Lemon and Lime rests close to the top of the property market. Which is great for HSA students! Elaine’s business has a national reach and nearly a decade of experiential insight in streamlining, fine-tuning, and maximising home staging businesses.


Elaine’s success story can become part of yours as an HSA Accreditation student.


Education In A Post-COVID Marketplace

Now more than ever, it is of utmost importance to give your business an edge over the competition.


For those who can think of nothing better than sharing their knowledge of home staging, the HSA Education Providers Programme is a must. 

It’s rigorously designed. Accredited providers’ courses will undergo an exhaustive selection process in which curriculum, class materials, and policies will be assessed.


Stagers taking these courses can be sure to tackle the oncoming post-COVID recession with excellent knowledge of their field. Estate agents like Knight Frank and Savills have projected a 3-5% drop in house prices over 2020. 


Which is good news! Stagers will see increased demand for their services.


But there’s a catch.


Sellers will be looking for enhanced staging profiles to recoup these losses. What’s more, they’ll want nothing less than for their house to stagnate on the market - and that’s great for us because 91% of staged homes sell within thirty-one days.


In the coming financial crisis, however, moving properties quickly will be a prime objective. By improving your eye for detail and design, you can ensure you don’t fall into the 9% of stagers with properties left unsold for over a month.


One last thing (as if you needed another reason to sign up!): on top of these exclusive perks of the programme, stagers will have fantastic networking opportunities with other professionals.

There is a multitude of reasons to seek out a course - for networking reasons alone - as Amanda Augustine writes: “Experts agree that the most connected people are often the most successful.


“Networking will help you develop and improve your skillset, stay on top of the latest trends in your industry, keep a pulse on the job market, meet prospective mentors, partners, and clients, and gain access to the necessary resources that will foster your career development.”


Whew. Time to dust off your revision highlighters, because the school’s in for summer 2020!


If you’re eligible for one of the HSA UK & Ireland’s Accreditation Programmes, seek further information at:

[email protected]


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