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Empty Developments Lead to Empty Pockets

At sort style and stage we know that staging a property helps speed up the sale of a development and in many cases doing so at a higher value. With a wealth of experience working on apartments and large homes, we’re here to help. Our staged developments sell quickly (70% quicker than non-staged) and for more (typically 8%). 

Although we are facing unprecedented times because of Covid-19, it's more important than ever to stage your development so that it presents at its best both online and during viewings.  When the market bounces back, it will stand out from the crowd.

We know every property is unique and because of that, we offer a bespoke approach.  To provide maximum flexibility to our clients, we offer a wide range of furniture and accessories on a purchase and/or rental basis.  For some developers, purchase works best because they have storage capabilities or can move the furniture and accessories onto their next project.  For other developers, who don’t have storage or the next project on the go, a rental option works best.  Our fees include space design, furniture installation, staging, removal of packaging and photos by our professional photographer. 

Our latest home staging for a developer client:

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Empty properties lack imagination and selling them becomes a struggle - here are our top 6 reasons why you should consider home staging:

#1 FACT:  69% of buyers decide whether a property meets their criteria based on photos only

Most buyers do their property search online and empty properties often become much of the same, with little differentiation between them.  As they have no distinguishing features, they quickly become one grey, empty blur in the buyers’ minds and end up falling to the bottom, or off, the buyers’ radar.


#2 FACT:  Empty properties give the impression that negotiating for a lower price is a given

Although you may have a high-end design, selling an empty development gives off the impression that you ran out of money before finishing the property and are in a hurry to sell.  Buyers will use this to negotiate a lower price.


#3 FACT: Two-thirds of homebuyers believe kerb appeal is important

We’ve said it before, you get seven seconds in which to make a positive first impression – and the clock starts ticking the moment buyers park up. A high-quality build isn’t enough, without the personal touches which make a house a home.  This is what creates that all-important kerb appeal and without this, buyers will struggle to visualise themselves living in an empty development.


#4 FACT:  80% of buyers struggle to imagine themselves living in an empty home

They say home is where the heart is, and most of the time buyers are being led by exactly that, their heart and emotions. That means that most of the time they’re not looking for houses but rather their dream home. An empty development won’t speak to them and as such it’s unlikely to trigger an emotional connection.


#5 FACT: Buyers will decide within 60 seconds of entering a property whether it’s their dream home

We all know it’s easy to focus on the negatives. In an empty property, with little else to focus on, buyers’ eyes will be drawn to what’s left – the shell.


#6 FACT: An empty room looks smaller than a room filled with the right amount of furniture and accessories

A blank space can be daunting for many.  With no comparable furniture pieces, it can make it difficult for buyers to imagine what their furniture would look like in the space, placing doubts about the property in their minds.


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