05 Apr 2021 By Marta Calderara Dalla Cola - HSA

Home Staging Journey? Here we go!


Remember that brilliant home staging journey course we told you about not long ago? Well, look no further because it’s here now. 

We are pleased to tell you that you don’t have to wait any longer to master your proficiency in the home staging business!


As we told you before you have the possibility to tailor the journey to your needs and choose exactly how you want to start learning!

You can create your own journey without following any pre-established order or you can take the whole course and have a more structured approach to your learning. 

So are you ready to find out what we’re really talking about? 

Without revealing too much, you’ll have to sign up for it, the modules now available are Home staging fundamentals, Business fundamentals – setting up a HS Business, sales and marketing. 

You noticed we said now? 

Yes, it’s not a typing mistake dictated by way too much hype over this launch but it’s a clue to what’s coming next!

We never stop learning and growing so that’s why we have decided that the journey doesn’t have to stop!

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