01 Jun 2021

How Interior Design Can Boost Property Value

Whether you’re trying to sell your home or just make it more luxurious, boosting its value is always a great idea. Still, you need to remember that this process comes down to spending money now to be able to earn more in the future, so don’t be afraid to go all in and invest as much money as you can. But, not all investments are good investments, so you need to pick the projects that will boost the value of your property the most. If this is something you’d like to do as well, here are a few interior design ideas that could go a long way when it comes to raising the value of your home.


Spice up your kitchen

This is one of the most popular home renovation projects in the world – probably right next to building a pool and turning it into your private spa – but that doesn’t mean it’s an ineffective idea. On the contrary, updating your kitchen and making it look amazing is a sure way to add value to your home. This is particularly true if you’re planning on selling your home shortly and would like to make it stand out. Spicing up your kitchen sounds like an expensive project, but it doesn’t have to be. If you manage to pick the right approach, the right materials, the right layout, and, most important, the right contractor, you won’t spend too much. What’s even better is that you’ll manage to spend just enough to make all the effort worth it in a financial sense, and that’s the best way to add more value to your home.


Add more storage

It doesn’t matter how big your family is or how many things you possess – we all need more storage space in our lives! That’s why adding more storage is a wonderful way to introduce a massive change into your home and boost its value. This might come in handy if you decide to sell it, but, even if you don’t, having more storage space will mean a lot in your daily life. The best way to add more storage space is to make this a part of your upcoming renovation project. If you’re planning on redoing your living room, your kitchen, your bathroom, or your kids’ room, stealing a few square feet here and there might end up meaning a lot. Sometimes, simply reorganizing your storage is quite enough to give your home a more sophisticated look and raise its overall value.


Stage it like a pro

You can’t make your house look amazing without using a few staging tips from the experts. Many interior designers know that it means one thing to make interior work for a specific person, but home stagers use different tricks to sell a house and make it appealing for the buyers. This means they need to prepare a house to make it visually attractive so that potential buyers will consider it. The main reason for you to hire home stagers is because their main task is to make your house appealing to different types of buyers and not just one specific group. This is why you need to understand that a certain interior design style might not work for everyone, whereas during a home stage, your house will go through a transformation that will be made for a great number of buyers.


Go neutral

This is the first thing all real estate agents learn, both in theory and in practice: neutral tones can help you sell a house more quickly. We all love introducing our favorite colors and schemes into every corner of our home, especially if we’re hoping to live there for the rest of our lives, but that makes zero sense if you’re trying to sell your property.

Neutral tones will appeal to a wider range of potential buyers, so if you’re looking for quick and easy ways to boost the value of your place before selling it, this is the idea to explore. Luckily, you can go neutral from walls and floors to furniture and décor, so all you have to do is find a way to introduce neutral tones to your interior design. By adding a neutral Miss Amara rug, you can achieve the perfect balance between style and practicality.


Opt for a specific style

In case you’re not a fan of this idea, you can always make your home more unique, welcoming, and visually appealing by opting for a certain interior design style. Introducing it into your home might take a while, depending on which style you’ve picked, and require you to invest a ton of energy and patience, but it’s all going to be worth it in the end.

So, if you plan to stay in your current home in the decades to come as well, finding a design style that will work for you is a must. What’s great, though, is that there are tons of styles you can opt for, from contemporary and modern farmhouse to industrial and mid-century. Picking the right style will make your home warmer and cozier than ever, and that will make your life better and nicer than it’s ever been. Alternatively, if you want to sell your home anyway, pick a style that might end up being the most lucrative. If you go for Scandinavian, farmhouse, rustic, Boho, or vintage, you could earn hundreds of thousands more than you’ve ever expected, so this idea makes so much sense in the long run!


The problem with interior design changes is that most people are unaware of how amazing and profitable they could be. But, if you look at these suggestions, you’ll be surprised how much you can boost the value of your home – and now all you have to do is decide whether you’ll stay there or sell it!

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