01 Oct 2021

HSA Home Staging Awards 2021 Winners

The Home Staging Association UK and Ireland have just successfully completed another award ceremony, the HSA Home Staging Awards 2021! We are honoured to be announcing the winners of this year's awards with the best of home staging being recognised.

This year was remarkable for the industry, simultaneously meaning it was a tough decision for the judges who had the task of narrowing down from the pool of successful home staging endeavours-to choose the finest projects of all!

We are so honoured to have such an amazing juding panel from across the world this year:

  • Debbie Boggs of Staging Studio
    Debbie is a co-founder of Staging Studio, which is a RESA and IAHSP accredited training provider, and the co-owner of BY Design Home Staging, a multimillion-dollar home staging company in the U.S.
  • Edward McCoy of Barratt London
    Ed McCoy is the Sales and Marketing Director for Barratt London the market-leading residential developer in the Capital who design, build, market and sell large, complex residential-led developments.  Ed regularly commissions an extensive range of digital assets to sell properties off plan including the use of home staging.

  • Kristie Barnett of The Decorologist
    Better known as “The Decorologist®", Kristie has trained and mentored hundreds of professionals across North America in home staging and paint color specification, and authored the popular book, Psychological Staging® – The Home Staging Secrets of The Decorologist. 

  • Cindy Lin of Staged4More
    Cindy started Staged4more when she was 25 years old. After 10+ years in the home staging industry and building Staged4more to a 6-figure, award-winning business, Staged4more is now an international school of home staging that provides quality, practical and modern home staging and business courses for home stagers.

  • Katie Griffin of Sawdye & Harris
    Katie is a qualified Chartered Surveyor and a Fellow of the National Association of Estate Agents. Katie takes great satisfaction in getting top results for her clients and is constantly striving to find ways to further improve the service that Sawdye & Harris offers. She sits on to the NFOPP Board - National Federation of Property Professionals - as a main board director. Katie also sits on the National Advisory Group for The Guild of Property Professionals. Most recently, Katie has also been elected President of the National Association of Estate Agents for 2017/2018.

Firstly, HSA wants to take a moment to reflect on the year and toast to the hard working members of HSA and beyond, we are in awe of the transformations amongst all of the homes in the shortlist. But without further ado, it’s time to announce the winners so prepare for a catalogue of images below bursting with home staging inspiration and excellence.

Before we reveal the winners, here’s a quick recap of the categories from different budgets to aesthetics:

Best Show Home - Staging Cost: Under £5,000
Best Show Home - Staging Cost: £5,000 - £10,000

Best Show Home - Staging Cost: £10,000 and over
Best Vacant Home Staging - Staging Cost: Under £5,000
Best Vacant Home Staging - Staging Cost: £5,000 - 10,000
Best Vacant Home Staging - Staging Cost: £10,000 and over
Best Occupied Home Staging - Staging Cost: Under £5,000
Best Occupied Home Staging - Staging Cost: £5,000 - £10,000
Best Occupied Home Staging - Staging Cost: £10,000 and over
Best Luxury Home Staging - Staging Cost: £20,000 and over
Best Holiday Let Home Staging
Best Virtual Staging Project
Contribution to the Industry (By Nomination)

Best Show Home - Staging Cost: Under £5,000
The Room Boutique

Taking home the prize for the first category establishing the best show home under £5,000 is The Room Boutique. With the smaller end of the budget in question the answer was nothing short of extraordinary! Minimalist but cosy throughout giving endless elegance.



Best Show Home - Staging Cost: £5,000 - £10,000
Atelier ADA 

For their home staging project of elegant forest dreams, Atelier ADA is the obvious winner in this category, taking ordinary rooms to complete different levels. 


Best Show Home - Staging Cost: £10,000 and over
Burbeck Interiors

With a higher budget, Burbeck interiors gave this home the ability to flourish in all areas creating a show stopping masterpiece all the way through to the garden! 


Best Vacant Home Staging - Staging Cost: Under £5,000

A vacant home means a blank canvas, the home was transformed from head to toe with amazing accessories and art; Decoresidence did just that and more!


Best Vacant Home Staging - Staging Cost: £5,000 - £10,000
EHG Home

"[It's] so important to be connected with nature so creating a space in tune with nature will hopefully make a buyer feel good" - EHG Home

EHG Home took a biophilic approach to enhance this space by making sure the natural light is not obstructed, used a mirror to bounce light around the room, used natural materials such as the tactile wooden sideboard and plants to bring the outdoors in.


Best Vacant Home Staging - Staging Cost: £10,000 and over
Burbeck Interiors

The property is on for £31,417 per month to rent.

Burbeck Interiors were approached by the agent to provide an estimate and inventory for the property in early April. They were then in discussions with the owner of the property about how they would go about staging the property as they had a very individual design scheme and wanted to ensure that any staging complimented this. After running through various options, the Landlord settled on one of their proposals which then went ahead in June.

The staging generated the desired increase in interest in the house with a rental being agreed in August which included the purchase on the furniture by the incoming tenants.


Best Occupied Home Staging - Staging Cost: Under £5,000
Pearl Home Design

Pearl Home Design's client moved abroad, and they wanted to get rid of most of the furniture. Pearl Home Design started with the preparation of an action plan, and their client implemented all the suggested changes.

The main goal was to increase the value of the property as much as possible. The client had already done two valuations before staging (£550k and £650k) and both were well below the price that they wanted (£700k).

Therefore, the big challenge for Pearl Home Design was the creative use of what was left plus renting furniture, soft furnishings, accessories. When it came to the next valuation, the estate agent was happy to put the house on the market at an asking price of £700k!

After 8 weeks, the house was sold for £710k in the bidding war.


Best Occupied Home Staging - Staging Cost: £5,000 - 10,000
Lemon and Lime Interiors

The Old Barn needed of decluttering and the addition of furniture to give it the best chance on the market. And because of this wonderful staging done by Lemon and Lime Interiors, the property was marketed at £875,000 and a sale was agreed at 11% above the guide price within 4 days of it being on the market.


Best Occupied Home Staging - Staging Cost: £10,000 and over
Sienna Interiors 

The before and after pictures of this project are unbelievable, staging an occupied space entails working with the home's features and accentuating. Sienna Interiors captured the home's best angles and worked with the character of the home, like the bookcase becoming a key decorational feature. 


Best Luxury Home Staging - Staging Cost: £20,000 and over
Burbeck Interiors 

The clients came to Burbeck looking to partner with a home staging company who could provide them with an interior solution in keeping with the high quality finish throughout the house. Marketed at £3,150,000, the quality on the interiors had to reflect the asking price and high spec design evident in the build. A clean contemporary interior scheme was requested to demonstrate the best of family living, in a modern context.

The clients received a full asking price offer immediately after dressing and marketing the property.


Best Holiday Let Home Staging
Savill Royals

This holiday let home staging project is the home of Pinterest dreams for a holiday in the country! With minimalistic tones throughout with green natural accents the home becomes a sanctuary perfect for an escape!


Best Virtual Staging Project
Property CGI

An important award this year as virtual becomes the new norm, this project used a small-scale living space and created a bright light and airy space appropriate for any lifestyle!


Contribution to the Industry (By Nomination)
Elaine Penhaul 

The final award HSA has to offer is for Contribution to the Industry, which is going home this year with Elaine Penhaul! Elaine has been featured multiple times across the industry offering her expertise from published books, news articles, to podcasts and courses. The list of her contributions to the industry are endless, making this award a seamless alignment.

These are just some of her achievements and work over the past year!
Whilst we were cooped up in isolation last year, Elaine found the time to publish a book ‘Sell High, Sell Fast’ bringing the industry in on all her home staging secrets and expert experience in an informative format! She didn’t stop there, Elaine had multiple features in news articles including The Daily Express and The Times, shedding light on Home Staging, and bringing awareness to multiple audiences on the magic of home staging and the industry. Not to mention, Elaine was a credited guest speaker on multiple platforms such as the Property Experts Podcasts and the home staging Association podcast as well as The Home Staging Forum 2020 and 2021. 

With multiple award wins behind her including Acquisition International - Influential Business Woman 2021 – Best Bespoke Home Staging Interior Founder UK Staged4More International Home Staging Awards – Best Home Staging Transformation Project 2021 IAHSP Best of Home Staging 2021 – Industry Leadership Award Finalist in the Best Business Women Awards 2021. It is evident that Elaine Penhaul not only contributed to the Home Staging industry but to the Business World as a woman. HSA thanks Elaine for all her hard work this year and cannot wait to see what she endeavours in next! 

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