14 Apr 2022 By HSA

HSA Turns 4!

The month of April 2022 marks Home Staging Association UK’s 4th Anniversary since the business was first established back in 2018 by Founding Director, Paloma Harrington.
The Home Staging Association was founded to strengthen the industry, being the link between Home Staging Professionals, and also between the industry and its partners, suppliers and clients. As an Association, the Home Staging Association UK & Ireland provides support, information and training to all professionals in the Home Staging industry, contributing to the activity growth and recognition. 
The association has accomplished many of its goals in a short time-span, having built a firm set of values that are shaping the Home Staging Industry with professionalism, trust and growth. 

Since 2018, the HSA has contributed to the growth of the industry by putting together the most complete Report of the UK Staging industry: the Home Staging Report.

The report is a useful sales tool to have for presentation, a networking event or at meetings with potential clients. It illustrates how Home Staging is beneficial to the property sales process with real, up-to-date numbers that back the activity and support you as a professional, and it’s a reference for the industry due to its wealth of information and stats.

Since 2019, the HSA has been recognising the finest of the Home Staging Industry via the only Home Staging-focused Awards in the UK and Ireland.

More recently, in 2022, the Home Staging Association became an official member of FIABCI, the International Real Estate Federation. 

FIABCI is a worldwide business, bringing together all the professionals associated with the real estate industry. As Home Stagers, we play a vital part in getting homes prepped and ready for sale, and the HSA is honoured to have taken this step.

Being a member of this wonderful organisation will help to bridge the work that the HSA do as stagers and property professionals across the UK. All members do such wonderful work, and it’s time to take it global. 

The HSA will represent the Home Staging industry amongst the numerous other real estate professions that FIABCI showcases, including architects, brokers, and operators. It will give us excellent networking opportunities to build even more valuable business relationships, which we are confident will highly benefit our very own HSA members. 

This is a huge step for the HSA and we’re looking forward to all the doors this will open for our activity. 2022 is already getting off to an inspiring start.

Amongst many achievements, the association has also managed to negotiate deals with renowned suppliers such as John Lewis, Alexanders Removals & Storage, InHouse Photography, Lick, Sofa.com and many others. 
In a short amount of time, the Home Staging Association has managed to create a space to inform, train and support professionals within the industry. We hope they keep up the exceptional work and continue to grow in the upcoming years.
Cheers to four years!

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