01 Aug 2019 By Rebecca Clarke

Styling Smaller Properties with Koko Home Staging

Koko Home Staging (KHS) focuses on staging vacant smaller apartments and houses and Rebecca Clarke who runs KHS is a great believer in the benefits of doing so.

Rebecca who has worked as an independent stager mainly in London and Sussex over the last two and a half years recently set up Koko Home Staging nearer to home in Oxfordshire and the surrounding areas.  She has particularly noticed when talking to Estate Agents and Vendors locally that there is a common perception that staging is just for larger, more expensive homes and often not a consideration for smaller properties.

Professional Stagers know staging works whatever the shape or size of the property but when approaching clients with smaller properties they often think it’s not affordable or appropriate for them. It can take a great deal of hard work to get a potential client to even consider staging.  KHS has many successful case studies proving how well staging works for smaller houses and apartments for both the sales and rental markets.


An example of the type of property KHS likes to focus on came from a recent enquiry from the HSA website. The enquiry came from a client who has two beautifully converted one bedroom apartments, in an old building in the centre of a thriving Oxfordshire Market Town. They had both recently undergone a high quality renovation and after consulting with the client it was decided to stage them very much with the first time buyer in mind. Within eight days of the initial enquiry both apartments were fully staged and ready to be viewed with the cost of staging being less than 0.5% of their asking prices. 

So often on first viewing a vacant smaller property what stands out is how small the space is and this is the impression that the viewer leaves with unable to see past the size.  One of the most satisfying things about styling smaller properties is that once staged correctly the space is brought to life-giving the viewing a complete understanding of how liveable the space actually is.  Both the apartments in the recent staging shown below are 40m² or less and the before and after photos illustrate this point very well.





To learn more about Koko Home Staging, please visit their website: http://kokohomestaging.co.uk

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