01 Jul 2019 By Aga Engelien

The Emotional Impact of Photography


A well-known proverb says "The eyes are the window to the soul and a picture is worth a thousand words". A photograph can tell about time and space and how things have evolved or remained the same. When a photographer takes a picture, he / she is actually crystallising one’s own experience into a tangible form. The picture captures a slice of time and space, and is defined by the choice of lighting, composition and subject.

Did you ever ask yourself what makes you want to take photos? Photography is a lot about psychology, telling as much about yourself as about the persons, landscapes and things you capture. In this context, the camera can well be perceived as a third eye.

In a way, this makes each and every camera a mirror of a mind and soul.


Professional photography is a trade like any other which requires a certain set of skills and equipment. But behind it lies the urge to capture something that unites all photographers – the urge to capture and create something unique. Property photography therefore needs to play on emotions to create an emotional bond between one and his client.


With potential buyers searching for their new properties through agent’s window displays, brochures and the internet websites, the first thing they are bound to see are pictures of your home. Making sure these are eye catching and professional is therefore of the upmost importance. Property photography need to grab the attention of target buyers immediately rather than being off putting.


But how, exactly, does professional property photography make a difference and why should you put your trust in us to do the job?

The challenge for the photographer is to create a holistic visual feel for the property while at the same time focusing on its unique characteristics. He / she needs to play with angles, light and post production editing to deliver pictures which lead the target clients to connect emotionally and push to them to call the agent to book a viewing.


It is often an uphill struggle for professional property photographer to convince owners and their agents that the return on investment can be significant. Many often invest considerable amounts of money in home staging but then fail to match this “hard” marketing with its “soft” counterpart in order to achieve full impact and value. Hiring a professional photographer to show case your home staging projects will ensure that you build this emotional link between your project, your client and potential buyers early on. In my experience, this will also greatly increase your visibility in the market and allow to broaden your client base.



Photography by : Aga Engelien Studio



Interiors staged by : Atelier ADA





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