01 Jun 2021 By Marta Calderara Dalla Cola - HSA

Your Guide To The Perfect Templates For Your Business!

At the Home Staging Association UK & Ireland we’re always looking for new ways to improve our offer and keep our members satisfied and updated on everything that’s going on in the home staging industry and beyond! 

We know that our members lead very busy and hectic lives, trying to balance their own businesses and the constant need to keep learning and improving when it comes to dynamic industries, such as the home staging and home décor world. 

This is the reason why we want you to have an exclusive look at our new Social Media Content Templates and Newsletter Content Templates. These templates were created so that you could draw inspiration from them but also be able to add your own touch to it. 

We want you to get your business up to date with these wonderful templates.  

Indeed we had only one goal in mind: help professionals manage their social media profiles and newsletters by guiding them through the process with templates that are adaptable, creative and up to date with the current trends. 

Every business knows its customers and what they want to see but we know that putting those ideas into writing can often seem daunting and overwhelming. 

You might find yourself wondering why you’re not able to engage your audience through online marketing and we want to make this easier and effortless for you! 

With our templates, you will get a step-by-step guide through writing the most effective social media post or newsletter for your business. They’re pretty straightforward, easy to follow and to edit according to your own preferences and goals. By following just a few steps you will be able to write more efficiently and adapt your style of writing to every context and audience. 

You can check out our templates and use the sections that you feel would make more sense for your business. 


What you can expect: 

Our Social Media Content Templates will give you just the little push you needed to start putting your ideas into words and captivate your audience post after post! We have a wide range of topics available: from the benefits of home staging, to posts made to showcase a company’s projects or designs, to engagement posts, inspirational quotes and the evergreen “meet the team” posts so that your clients will know who they’re possibly going to be working with. You will be able to make your own editable copy of our templates and also create your own content by using the templates available. By combining inspiration and creativity you will get the best out of these useful sources! 


Our Newsletter Content Templates was made thinking about what customers need from a company: trust and reliability. Newsletters are meant to form lasting relationships between a business and its customers. You will get a glimpse of what it takes to communicate effectively with your customers, providing constant updates on what your company is doing, what to expect next and how to make your customers feel valued and seen by your brand. 

Lastly, we want to reinforce the importance of a great communication strategy online nowadays. It’s the most efficient way to cultivate relationships with your customers and build a successful brand. As a matter of fact, on our store we have even more resources available to make your business stand out in this digital era. Our Home Staging Headquarters, as we like to call it, is exactly what you need to make the leap in your home staging business, from website development to SEO services to our own home staging report to keep up to date with the way the industry is progressing, you will find everything you need in one place. 

Be sure to check it out and start using our templates for a better online experience! 

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