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The Association supports professionals and the industry through the promotion of the activity in an environment of collaboration and professionalism.

Being part of the Association allows you to connect with other professionals, obtaining enriching information that will help you substantially grow your business. 

As an affiliated professional, a common voice gives you credibility to promote Home Staging, ensuring a meaningful place in the market, a presence at fairs and events, and collaboration with other associations, industries and professionals.


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What Our Members Say

Joining the Home Staging Association has immediately made me part of a wider team of organisations; A team who all strive to grow the Home Staging industry within the UK, and who support one another to succeed. Through their sharing of invaluable expert advice and industry insight the HSA and its members have given me the confidence to start my dream Home Staging business. It fills me with great spirit to know that I am part of an association who genuinely support my dream and want me to succeed.

We were very pleased to become a Founding Member of the Home Staging Association. We see enormous value in being part of a collaborative body that works together to promote and educate the market of the benefits of the work we all carry out. It is vital when selling the service to clients that we can accurately demonstrate that home staging is an investment rather than a cost and that the work we do can only assist to enhance a property for sales and marketing. 

We joined the HSA as a Founding Member hoping that being connected through this platform would help to get the message out to estate agents and developers about the power of home staging but we know, from our own experience how difficult this can be. We have been delighted that the commitment of Paloma and other members is really starting to make a difference. The Home Staging Report is a great tool for us. We are loving the exposure belonging to the HSA is giving us both directly for our business and also for the concept of home staging. As a director of Lemon and Lime Interiors I have already attended meetings and networking events and I am learning more every day about what works in our industry. The connectivity that we now have through HSA is invaluable in developing our business.


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Membership Plans

    • business listing

      £ 150

      • Recommended for:
        Non-home staging professionals or companies who would like to have their business listed in our directory and stay up-to-date on the latest in the industry.

        - Personalised company page in our Business Directory
        - Receive business leads and referrals
        - Access to our Classifieds to buy and sell items
        - Includes one ad on our Classifieds
        - Access to all articles and content

        Please note:
        With a Business Listing you will not become a member of the HSA - it is not a membership package. You will not have access to our members-only group or event discounts.

        To be an active business within the home staging industry.
    • corporate membership

      £ 270

      • Recommended for:
        Home Staging professionals or companies with more than 2 employees who would like to apply as a company and extend the benefits to the team, as well as stay informed, get extra exposure through quarterly features and through our “project of the month”, get assistance on finding businesses and services, gain credibility, and take part on future training and events.

        - All benefits from Pro Membership
        - Quarterly feature on the Home Staging Association's website or social media channels (article, post, gallery, etc)
        - Automatic runner-up for featured project of the month
        - Access to our Classifieds to buy and sell items
        - Includes 3 ads on our Classifieds
        - Assistance finding professionals or services
    • founding member

      £ 450

      • CURRENTLY CLOSED - Applications only (please scroll down)

        Recommended for:
        Companies or professionals who want to be directly linked to the Association. Founding Members get more exposure than any other members, being also involved in content creation and becoming the Association’s ambassadors.
        Founding Members have access to the broadest range of exciting opportunities and privileges within the Association and have a direct ability to influence the direction and strategy of the network.

        - All benefits from Pro Membership
        - Usage of HSA Founding Member logo
        - Logo on 1 newsletter per month sent out to our database
        - 1 feature per month on HSA website or social media channels (article, post, gallery, project, etc)
        - Preference on hosting/providing Q&A/training/webinars
        - Access to our Classifieds to buy and sell items
        - Includes 5 ads on our Classifieds

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